Sunday Shopping Task #5: Finding my style

It has been a while since i’ve really looked properly into clothing; my wardrobe has been pretty static over the winter and it has been a shock entering spring with the British weather; scorching sun turning to torrential downpours. Having unearthed my cooler clothes from last year and – thanks to the wonderfully changeable British… Continue reading Sunday Shopping Task #5: Finding my style

Film Review

Film Review: Jason Bourne

Film Title: Jason Bourne Film Series: Bourne Date Seen: 9th August 2016 Running Time: 2 hours 3 minutes Director: Paul Greengrass Cast: Matt Damon (Jason Bourne / David Webb), Julia Stiles (Nicky Parsons), Tommy Lee Jones (Robert Dewey), Alicia Vikander (Heather Lee), Vincent Cassel (The Asset), Riz Ahmed (Aaron Kalloor) Blurb: “It’s been 10 years since Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) walked away… Continue reading Film Review: Jason Bourne


Sunday Shopping Task #4

It’s been a while since my last Sunday Shopping expedition (and given this one is being posted on a Monday!) but I finally received some much needed inspiration with where to shop following the posting of my blog post ‘My April Quirky Favourites’ and a conversation that followed with Oxfam Online Shop. Honestly, I hadn’t considered… Continue reading Sunday Shopping Task #4